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International Humanitarian Aid Hub in Wrocław to help Ukraine

16.03.2022 15:04

Showing solidarity with war-stricken Ukraine and its people, Mr Cezary Przybylski, Marshall of the Lower Silesia Region, initiated the establishment of the International Humanitarian Aid Hub, operating in the Lower Silesian Innovation and Science Park in Wrocław. The Hub coordinates the collection of humanitarian aid that is later sent to areas of Ukraine where it is most needed.

List of needed items:

- personal hygiene products: soap, washing powder, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrush, toilet paper, wet wipes, sanitary towels, pads, etc.
- diapers for children up to 5 months
- baby food products: powdered milk, porridge, fruit puree, soups, etc.
- sanitary pads for the elderly
- microfibre towels
- dishwashing sponges
- antiseptic lotions
- paper towels
- sleeping pads
- sleeping bags
- mattresses
- blankets
- bedding sets
- adhesive tape   
- disposable dishes
- water containers (10 litres and more)
- long-lasting foods: ready-made products with a long shelf life, tinned foods, energy bars, instant products, nuts, etc.
- torches and other battery-powered lighting
- batteries and powerbanks – charged
- universal chargers (for powerbanks), rechargeable batteries
- first-aid kits
- Buff face masks
- linen gloves
- personal hygiene products for men: disposable razors, shaving and aftershave foams and creams, antiperspirants
- men's warm underwear and/or thermal underwear and socks (various sizes)

All individuals and organisations willing to contribute are requested to contact Ms Katarzyna Swietoslawska – from Lower Silesia Regional Office in Brussels for further details and to arrange delivery.

Please note that the Lower Silesia Brussels Office is not collecting any donations – they should be delivered directly to the Hub in Wrocław.